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We Thank Our First Supporters on Indiegogo!

we thank our first supporters

Today, we thank our first supporters on Indiegogo! We thank professor Vincent Geenen and Dr. Beata Glover for their great generosity!

We, at BrainImmune, greatly appreciate your donation on Indiegogo!

Together we are making a difference!

Your support is stimulating, and an encouraging reminder of why we started this campaign.

Vincent is one of the pioneers in our field. Particularly, in the area of neuroendocrine immunology and physiology of thymus, and autoimmunity. His research team has established that the thymus is the unique organ responsible for programming central self-tolerance of the neuroendocrine system.

Vincent is a member of our Editorial Board. He has contributed immensely to the field, and this includes several publications at BrainImmune. For example, Thymus Emergence & Evolution of Immune and Neuroendocrine Systems; Claude Bernard, the Father of Modern Physiology and Experimental Medicine; Oxytocin and Williams Syndrome: Exploring Neurobiology of Social Behavior, etc.

Beata Glover, a lawyer in Washington, DC was our legal adviser between 2008 and 2010. She was a Member of the Board of our Non-Profit organization, registered at that time in the State of Virginia, the US.

Vincent and Beata, your support is invaluable to us, thank you again!

We also thank:

George Dinkov, a computer security expert in Washington, DC, USA
Jordan Divers, MSc, psychology, recruitment consultant in London, UK
Anthony P. Divers, retired, in Norwich, Norfolk, UK
René Akre, Chair of The Board of Directors at EXPAND, The European Immuno-neuropsychiatric Association, Netherlands

for their great generosity! We, at BrainImmune, greatly appreciate your donation!

Ilia Elenkov, MD, PhD
Editor, BrainImmune

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