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Sponsored content at BrainImmuneNowadays, companies use content marketing as a valuable channel to endorse their products.

Brands are increasingly redirecting their digital marketing budgets toward native advertising, including the ‘sponsored content’.

Sponsored content is a type of promotional media that’s paid for by an advertiser, but created and shared by another brand, influencer, or publisher.

Sponsored content is an ad that doesn’t look like an ad. It feels like a natural part of the site. Sponsored content is mutually beneficial – a content creator (with an audience) gets funding and a product creator (who needs an audience to get customers) gets an audience.

Consumers have started to ignore many traditional advertisements. Sponsored content, however, is much more effective than paid banner advertising. Companies use sponsored content because it feels more like a recommendation from a friend. It builds trust with your brand and provides value to the reader.

Sponsored content is a type of promotional media that’s paid for by an advertiser, but created and shared by another brand or publisher. While branded content tends to be produced in-house by the brand, sponsored content is usually a collaborative effort between the publisher’s editorial staff and the brand. If you are reading a publication, good sponsored content should appear like any other feature story you would want to read.

Sponsored Articles

Sponsored articles have been around for years. While they were common in print publications, they have easily made the jump to online news sites.

According to a study by Neilsen and Mode Media, consumers spend 2.5 minutes reading a sponsored article. That’s roughly the same amount of time that they spend reading a standard editorial piece.

A few examples:

Grads of Life – Forbes  + GradsofLife.org

Why the UAE is Betting Big on Renewable Energy – Smithsonian.com + Embassy of the United Arab Emirates Washington, DC

Source: pressboardmedia.com

Mouth-watering reasons to visit Adelaide – The Telegraph + Ethiad Airways and There’s Nothing Like Australia

Source: nativeadvertisinginstitute.com

Lastly, native advertising may be better for quick action, while sponsored content is a better option to establish your brand as a credible subject expert and to provide useful information to your target audience; “one is meant to convince, while the other exists primarily to inform”.

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