Brainimmune is Looking for a Strategic Partner to Advance the Neuroendocrine Immunology and Stress-Immunity Research Field

Brainimmune is Looking for a Strategic Partner

We are looking for a strategic partner to help boost development of BrainImmune and to advance the neuroendocrine immunology and stress-immunity research.

We are searching for both academia/foundations or industry partnership and support – institutions who understand and value our mission, and share our passion for interdisciplinary/integrative medical research.


One of the paradoxes of medical sciences is building boundaries between disciplines and drawing dividing lines between research fields.

The immune system has often been regarded as autonomous, and the question of how the brain communicates with the immune system has remained enigmatic until fairly recently.

The more we share knowledge, the easier it is to break down barriers between scientific areas.

Brainimmune Looking Strategic PartnerBrainImmune is:


The advancement of research, communication and collaborations in the neuroendocrine immunology and stress-immunity field; and speed up the innovation in this vast area.

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