BrainImmune Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary

BrainImmune Celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary
The greatest gift is the gift of learning (Native American saying)

We are very excited to announce that this fall 2021 BrainImmune celebrates its 10th year Anniversary.

BrainImmune is the only web resource that delivers up to date information into the broad interdisciplinary area of neuroendocrine-immunology and stress-immune interactions, and their impact on health and disease. See more at our About’ page.

NIH bldg 10 and Palm SpringsThe BrainImmune project was conceived at The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD but the decision was made at a Functional Medicine meeting in Palm Springs, CA. Later, it was initiated and produced originally in Rome, Italy.

BrainImmune was co-founded by Ilia Elenkov MD, PhD, editor, Keith Zachman, our production manager, and Eugenio Bonaccorso, our first web designer. We began from scratch in a small apartment that was 10-minute walking distance from the St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Rome The Eternal City BrainImmuneFor the production and the development of BrainImmune we feel a deep sense of gratitude to our small team – to Keith Zachman for his devotion, insights and ‘German precision’, to our Assistant Editors, Gabriel Bassi, Dimana Broadway and Monica Pinoli, and to our webmasters, Eugenio, Alex, Nick and Todor – for their hard work, patience and eloquence!

BrainImmune is written and produced collaboratively by scientists and experts in this important field from all over the world. Now, as we celebrate this date, and thinking back on the journey, we thank the authors and contributors – over 150 scientists from more than 25 countries worldwide.

We are particularly grateful to our friends and colleagues that have two, three or more contributions at BrainImmune. This includes Vincent Geenen, Marco Cosentino, Rainer Straub, István Bérczi, David Goldstein, David Jessop, Graciela Cremaschi, Edward Tobinick, Robert Spengler, Tracey Ignatowski, Georges Maestroni, Rita Businaro and Brigitta Buttari.

We deeply value the support of our previous partners: GA²LEN; BioTekna – Biomedical Technologies; GEBIN, the German-Endocrine-Brain-Immune-Network; Biolegend Inc; PNIRS, the PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society and INI-Research gGmbH Group, Germany.

Importantly, we greatly appreciate the support of all Friends of BrainImmune – who helped the development of the BrainImmune project by donating their time, effort and/or financial support.

Special thanks to one of our most distinguished European supporters, Dario Boschiero, founder of BioTekna and the Open Academy in Italy; to professors Manfred Schedlowski, Rainer Straub and Clemens Wülfing in Germany; professor Vincent Geenen in Belgium; professor Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu in Israel; Andrej Mladenov in Finland; professors Alfonse Masi and Jeannine Majde, and Drs. Edward Tobinick, Karen Krahl, Emil Michaels and Mariana Dimitrov in the US; Maria Teresa Ferretti, PhD in Switzerland, and professor Fulvio D’Acquisto in the UK – for their generous gifts and support!

A few major reasons why we developed BrainImmune:
  • The CULTURAL DIVIDE between neurosciences and immunology.
  • The immune system is often considered AUTONOMOUS.
  • The CELL-CENTRIC or reductionistic approach of modern immunology.
  • Concepts discussed here represent recent advances in the field; they are not available in medical textbooks, and, as a general rule, not taught at medical schools. Also, immunologists have limited knowledge in neurosciences; and contrary, neuroscientists have limited knowledge in immunology. Thus, the BrainImmune resource might serve as an important EDUCATIONAL TOOL for medical & PhD students or postdoctoral research scientists worldwide.
  • The IMPORTANT CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS of the field. We are very excited to be the first Site exploring the neuroendocrine-immune dysfunction in many common human diseases. This includes allergy/asthma, autoimmunity, rheumatic diseases, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

As we celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of BrainImmune – take a look at our top ten most popular articles, within the last 12 months.

Join us on our mission to help the advancement of a new medical research field with great potential and significance.

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Ilia Elenkov, MD, PhD
Editor, BrainImmune