Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress, Mental Disorders and Health (Progress in Psychiatry)

Another excellent book devoted to the interdisciplinary area of research known as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). The field bridges together psychiatry, neurology, neuroendocrinology and immunology. The book is the result of a collaborative work of many international experts including Cobi J. Heijnen, Pranela Rameshwar, Nancy G. Klimas and many others. Psychoneuroimmunology: Stress, Mental Disorders and Health deals […]

Psychoneuroimmunology, Two-Volume Set, Volume 1-2, Fourth Edition

Psychoneuroimmunology provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the vast interdisciplinary research area that covers the interactions between the brain and the immune system. The revised and updated fourth edition offers experts opinions and overviews of the behavioral and neuroendocrine effects on the immune system, and vice versa, effects of immune system activity on brain functions. […]

The Psychoneuroimmunology of Chronic Disease: Exploring the Links between Inflammation, Stress, and Illness

The Psychoneuroimmunology of Chronic Disease delves into the complex interactions between the brain and immune system, and between inflammation, stress and human diseases. Importantly, it also offers both fundamental and clinical perspectives on how these interactions may influence common complex inflammatory maladies such as heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer s, and autoimmune disorders. The […]

Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society

Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society (PNIRS) is an international organization for researchers in a number of scientific and medical disciplines. This includes psychology, neurosciences, immunology, pharmacology, psychiatry, behavioral medicine, infectious diseases, endocrinology and rheumatology, who are interested in interactions between the nervous system and the immune system, and the relationship between behavior and health. Read more:

Serguei Metalnikov – 1920s – Introducing the Concept of Immune Conditioning

Serguei Metalnikov – 1920s – Introducing the Concept of Immune Conditioning

Historical Perspectives Any student of physiology is thoroughly familiar with Pavlov’s original work on classical conditioning, which was carried out in the 1900’s and established the concept of associative learning. Less well-known, however, are the implications this paradigm had for the study of neuro-immune interactions, a direction first notably pursued by Serguei Metalnikov at the […]