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BrainImmuneWe are dedicated to deliver up-to-date information, expert viewpoints and the latest developments in neuroendocrine-immunology and stress-immune interactions.

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MISSION and why did we develop BrainImmune

By narrowing down the information and conceptual gap at the interface of neurosciences and immunology – our mission is to help, promote and speed up the advancement of neuroendocrine-immunology research.

Neuroendocrine immunology is a new interdisciplinary field with a great fundamental, clinical and pharmacological potential. Thus, promoting the development and progress of neuroendocrine immunology may provide further insights and breakthroughs in our understanding of many common human disorders.


One of the paradoxes of medical sciences is building boundaries between disciplines or drawing dividing lines between research fields.

The brain and the immune system, or the ‘supersystems’ (T. Tada, 1997), are the two major adaptive systems of the body. The immune system, however, has been often regarded as autonomous, and the question of how the brain communicates with the immune system remained enigmatic until fairly recently.

The more we share knowledge, the easier it is to break down barriers between scientific areas.

STRESS and stress-immune interactions

According to the American Institute of Stress, ‘stress’ is America’s #1 health problem, whereas two-thirds of all office visits to family physicians are due to stress-related symptoms (cf. the American Academy of Family Physicians).

BrainImmune is the first site covering stress-immune interactions with over 120 articles in this area.


Concepts discussed here represent recent advances in the field; they are not available in medical textbooks, and, as a general rule, not taught at medical schools. Thus, the BrainImmune resource might serve not only as a useful foundation of knowledge for researchers & medical professionals, but also as an important educational tool for medical & PhDs students or postdoctoral research scientists and trainees worldwide.


The access to some similar online resources is limited by paid subscriptions; many scientific journals demand $20 – $50 for a single article’s PDF, whereas some ‘Open Access’ journals are charging submission fees.

The BrainImmune benefactorsWe believe that online the “information wants to be free“, i.e., everyone should be able to access information freely. Information should not be limited or restricted by subscriptions and/or submission fees. And, as defined in this Native American saying: “The greatest gift is the gift of learning”. And that “that gift is not complete until it is passed on” (cf. Gerry Spence).

From our beginning, we haven’t put-up a paywall of subscriptions and/or submission fees.

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