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BrainImmune support and crowdfunding coverThe greatest gift is the gift of learning (Native American saying)

Neurosciences and immunology are two scientific fields that developed independently for many years, and often, the immune system has been regarded as autonomous. Thus, the question of how the brain communicates with the immune system remained an enigma until fairly recently. Recent evidence indicates, however, that the central nervous and immune systems both send and receive messages to each other, which allows the brain to regulate immune functions.

BrainImmune narrows down the information and conceptual gap at the interface of neurosciences and immunology – featuring up-to-date and cutting edge information on the brain– and stress–immune interactions. Importantly, we bring the latest developments in neuroendocrine immunology, and cover new and advanced conceptual frameworks in this new field. BrainImmune, the first online resource in the broad inter-disciplinary field of neuroendocrine-immunology, is written and produced collaboratively by scientists and experts in the field from all around the world.

BrainImmune support and crowdfunding

Figure 1. Neuroendocrine-immunology fundamental, clinical and pharmacological potential and implications.

  •  Promote the advancement, communication and collaborations in neuroendocrine immunology and stress-immunity research; speed up innovation in this vast inter-disciplinary area (Figure 1).
  • Bring together concepts and ideas scattered in hundreds of scientific journals and derived from thousands of articles that impinge in some way on integrative neuroendocrine immunology.
  • PhDs & scientists involved in immunology research have limited knowledge in neuroscience; conversely, neuroscience PhDs & scientists have limited knowledge in immunology. The reason for this discrepancy is that most immunologists and neuroscientists have limited or no training in neuroscience and immunology, respectively. Thus, we may help by providing online education and training in neuroendocrine-immunology.
  • Concepts discussed here represent recent advances in the field; they are not available in medical textbooks, and, as a general rule, not taught at medical schools. Thus, our goal is to deliver an educational resource for physician-scientists, PhDs, MDs, and medical students, and in general, the research community working at the interface of neurosciences and immunology.


Of note, the access to some similar online resources is limited by paid subscriptions. Also, several scientific journals & magazines charge between $20 – $50 for a single article’s PDF. Moreover, some ‘Open Access’ journals are charging submission fees of several thousand dollars.

We believe that online everyone should be able to access information freely. Information should not be limited or restricted by subscriptions and/or submission fees.

From our beginning, we haven’t put-up a paywall of subscriptions and/or submission fees. But the production of BrainImmune takes a great deal of time, money and hard work. In the rapidly growing online publishing world, funds are limited, thus, we increasingly need our readers support. Help us secure the future growth and development of our resource.

Brainimmune Supporters and Benefactors:
  • Prof. Alfonse T. Masi, MD; Division of Rheumatology, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, Peoria IL, USA; Donation: 100-250$
  • Prof. Vincent Geenen, MD, PhD; University of Liège, GIGA Research Institute CHU-B34, B-4000 Liège-Sart Tilman, Belgium
  • Not disclosed, anonymous donor; Germany