Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space

Stress Challenges Immunity SpaceThe book ‘Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space: From Mechanisms to Monitoring and Preventive Strategies’, published by Springer is authored by Alexander Chouker, from the Department of Anesthesiology, ‘Stress and Immunity’ laboratory, University of Munich, Munich, Germany.

During space flight, human physiology and health are challenged by complex environmental stressors, exerting potent effects on the nervous, stress and immune systems, and contributing to a serious dysregulation of the immune system.

Stress, of both psychological and physical nature, including stressors such as high G forces at the time of launch and landing, increased radiation, sleep deprivation, persistent circadian misalignment, microgravity and nutritional factors may drive the crew health risk during exploration missions.

While previous publications have addressed the physiological changes that occur during space flight, the ‘Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space’ goes further, by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the complex interaction of living conditions in space, the immune system, and astronauts’ health.

It is explained how such analysis of the consequences of stress for the immune system may help in preventing, diagnosing, and counteracting immune-related alterations in health on earth as well as in space.

Some chapters of ‘Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space’ are listed below:

  • ‘Space Travel: An Integrative View from the Scientists of the Topical Team “Stress and Immunity”’
  • ‘Neurobiological Mechanisms of Stress and Glucocorticoid Effects on Learning and Memory: Implications for Stress Disorders on Earth and in Space’
  • ‘Immune System in Space: General Introduction and Observations on Stress-Sensitive Regulations’
  • ‘Innate Immunity under Conditions of Space Flight’
  • ‘Adaptive Immunity and Space flight’
  • ‘Stress, Hypoxia, and Immune Responses’
  • ‘Microbial Stress: Spaceflight-induced Alterations in Microbial Virulence and Infectious Disease Risks for the Crew’
  • ‘Stress, Spaceflight, and Latent Herpes Virus Reactivation’
  • ‘Platforms for Stress and Immune Research in Preparation of Long-Duration Space Exploration Missions’

Hardcover: 469 pages; Publisher: Springer; 2012 edition

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