BrainImmune Sponsorship

BrainImmune is aimed to narrow the information and conceptual gap at the interface of neurosciences and immunology, see more.

Become a sponsor of BrainImmune and increase your company’s visibility and brand awareness by reaching a highly targeted audience. We strive for a combination of participation from academia, industry, government or foundations supporting interdisciplinary fundamental and clinical research.

BrainImmune targets primarily the medical research community.

This includes mostly scientists and medical professionals working within or at the interface of neurosciences and immunology, and any fundamental or clinical field related to these large research areas.

BrainImmune sponsorship fig.2

You will reach a selected international audience – from many scientists, physician-scientists and clinicians worldwide – to key opinion leaders, influencers and decision makers.

Inspire your clients and customers through corporate partnerships and sponsorship with BrainImmune.

We offer several flexible and diverse opportunities to promote your business – we would like to expose your business to as many prospects as possible.

WHY SPONSOR? Increase your visibility and develop a deeper partnership with the global research community at the interface of neuroscience and immunology.

BrainImmune will showcase your brand to a selected and influential audience of global research leadership.
  • We provide 8 different channels and promotional platforms
  • An option to use classic ad banners but also Native Advertising and Sponsored Content
  • Reach a highly targeted, specialized audience with a high volume of decision-makers

Companies providing products in the areas of Neuroscience, Immunology, Endocrinology, Imaging, Stress Research, and Diagnostics are, we believe, a natural fit. We customize our sponsorship packages to fit your needs and to ensure your success as a sponsor.

For more details, and to request our Sponsorship Packet contact us at editor@brainimmune.com or productionmanager@brainimmune.com