PNIRS and GEBIN Conference in 2019 in Berlin, Germany

PNIRS and GEBIN Conference in 2019 in Berlin, Germany

The Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society (PNIRS) and the German Endocrine Brain Immune Network (GEBIN) will have their joint international meeting in Berlin, Germany, June 4-8, 2019.

The meeting will take place at venues in/near the Charité, the famous University Hospital in Berlin.

PNIRS & GEBIN conference Berlin 1One location is the Lecture Hall Ruin (Hörsaalruine), which belongs to the Berlin Museum of Medical History.

The ruin of the former Rudolf Virchow Lecture Hall, with its historic charm, presents a unique event location that has made for an unforgettable experience for guests from all over the world.

The lecture hall was destroyed toward the end of World War II by bombings. Since the middle of the 1990s the “preserved” ruin has been used for formal events, social get-togethers and scientific exchange.

PNIRS & GEBIN conference Berlin 2The second location is the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus, which is owned by the Berlin Medical Association and the German Surgery Association.

Built in 1913, it has a long history full of vicissitudes. For example, between 1945 and 1949, it was occupied by the Soviet military authority. In 1953, the first President of the German Democratic Republic, Wilhelm Pieck, was elected in the Great Hall of the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus.

The two international societies, PNIRS & GEBIN, gather researchers of a number of scientific and medical disciplines including psychology, neurosciences, immunology, pharmacology, psychiatry, behavioral medicine, infectious diseases, endocrinology, dermatology and rheumatology, who are interested in interactions between the nervous system and the immune system, and the relationship between behavior and health.

The GEBIN makes the start on June 4-5 with the usual separation into sub-disciplines like “Peripheral Neuroimmune Interactions,” “Neuroendocrinology and Immune Function,” “Stress, Behavior, and Immune Function,” “Neuroimmunology & Neuroinfectiology in the CNS,” and finally “Neuroendocrine Immune Network in Psychiatric Disease.” GEBIN meets in the lecture hall ruin (Hörsaalruine).

This is followed by a common “Educational Short Course of PNIRS & GEBIN” on June 5, in the afternoon. The PNIRS meeting in the Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus goes through Saturday, June 8, with the “Featured Speaker Lecture,” the “Norman Cousins Lecture,” a Welcome Reception in the Natural History Museum Berlin, the “Bob Ader Lecture,” the “Frontiers in PNI Lecture, “ the “George Solomon Lecture,” and the Banquet Evening in Clärchens Ballhaus. In addition, several member-sponsored symposia will be presented.

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