Pain and Neuroimmune Interactions

Pain and Neuroimmune InteractionsPain and Neuroimmune Interactions is published by Springer and edited by Nayef E. Saade, Nayef E. Saadé, Suhayl J. Jabbur and A. Vania Apkarian.

Pain is a product of various pathways and mechanisms within the nervous system in response to inflammation or trauma. Over 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain with 3-4.5% of the global population suffering specifically from neuropathic pain, and the incidence is increasing complementary to age.

Recent research indicates that the sensation of pain and suffering could be considered as part of a mechanism that involves not only sizeable areas in the brain but also simultaneous activations of the immune and the endocrine systems as well.

An increasing body of evidence suggests that pain involves different neural, immune and endocrine mechanisms that interact at peripheral and central levels. Furthermore, chronic pain could then be looked upon as a corollary of the imbalance in the cross talk between these systems, which could lead to new treatment strategies.

The aim of this book is not to deal with acute pain that serves as an alarm signal, but to attempt to explain the molecular mechanisms of chronic pain considered as a multifactorial syndrome or disease.

The chapters of this book are shown below:

  • Nociceptor Excitation by Sensitization: A Novel Hypothesis, Its Cellular and Molecular Background by Reeh, Peter W. (et al.)
  • Tachykinins in Visceral Pain and Hyperalgesia by Cervero, Fernando (et al.)
  • Bradykinin, Cytokines and Inflammatory Hyperalgesia by Poole, Stephen (et al.)
  • Neurotransmitter and Inflammatory Correlates in Experimental Neuropathy: Modulation by Electric Spinal Cord Stimulation by Linderoth, Bengt (et al.)
  • Diffuse Noxious Inhibitory Controls and Arthritis in the Rat by Danziger, Nicolas (et al.)
  • NSAIDs and Some Safe Strategies of Their Use: Spinal C-Fos Protein Studies in Carrageenan Model of Inflammatory Nociceptive Processes by Buritova, Jaroslava (et al.)
  • The Role of Dorsal Root Reflexes in Neurogenic Inflammation and Pain by Willis, William D. (et al.)
  • Pain and Neurogenic Inflammation: A Neural Substrate for Neuroendocrine-Immune Interactions by Saadé, Nayef E. (et al.)
  • Thymic Peptides: Transmitters Between the Neuroendocrine and the Immune System by Dardenne, Mireille (et al.)
  • Thymulin and Inflammatory Pain: A Possible Substrate for Pge-2 Dependent Neuroimmune Loop by Safieh-Garabedian, Bared (et al.)
  • The Role of Peripheral and Brain-Borne Cytokines in Immune-Neuro-Endocrine Interactions by Besedovsky, Hugo O. (et al.)
  • Interleukin-1 Receptors and Ligands in the Nervous System by Haour, France (et al.)
  • Biphasic Modulation of Pain by Hypothalamic Cytokines by Hori, T. (et al.)
  • In Search of Pain Consciousness or Pain and the Metaphysics of a Porsche 911 by Apkarian, A. Vania
  • How Do Strokes Cause Pain? by Tasker, Ronald R.
  • Chronic Pain: Somatic or Limbic Mechanisms by Jabbur, Suhayl J. (et al.)
  • Where Would One Seek Links Between the Nervous and Immune Systems? by Wall, Patrick D.

Hardcover: 244 pages; Publisher: Springer; 2000 edition (April 30, 2000)

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