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Neuroimmunomodulation Journal Karger logoNeuroimmunomodulation (Karger) publishes peer-reviewed basic and clinical studies related to the interdisciplinary research field of neuroimmunomodulation, the way in which the nervous system interacts with the immune system via neural, hormonal, and paracrine actions.

The journal covers both basic and clinical aspects of this rapidly growing research area. Basic or fundamental work and studies deal with all neural and humoral networks from molecular genetics through cell regulation to integrative systems of the body.

The journal also aims to cover the basic mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of the CNS pathology in AIDS patients and in various neurodegenerative diseases. The journal features and publishes mostly research articles, but reviews in the field are also published on a regular basis.

Neuroimmunomodulation is the official journal of the International Society for NeuroImmunoModulation (ISNIM).

Bibliographic Details:

Journal Abbreviation: Neuroimmunomodulation
ISSN: 1021-7401 (Print)
e-ISSN: 1423-0216 (Online)
DOI: 10.1159/issn.1021-7401

The Journal is founded in 1994 by S.M. McCann and J.M. Lipton

Editorial Board

Editor: Savino W. (Rio de Janeiro)

Associate Editor: A. del Rey, Marburg

Editorial Board Members

  1. Arzt, Buenos Aires
    I. Berczi, Winnipeg
    H.O. Besedovsky, Marburg
    S. Bornstein, Dresden
    O. Bottasso, Rosario
    R. Boyd, Clayton, Vic.
    I.L. Campbell, Sydney, N.S.W.
    M. Cutolo, Genoa
    M. Dardenne, Paris
    A. Dunn, Honolulu, Hawaii
    I. Elenkov, Norfolk
    V. Geenen, Liege
    F. Haour, Paris
    C.J. Heijnen, Utrecht
    T. Katafuchi, Fukuoka
    K.W. Kelley, Urbana, Ill.
    J.M. Krueger, Pullman, Wash.
    A. Margioris, Heraklion
    H. Ovadia, Jerusalem
    J. Palermo-Neto, São Paulo
    V. Rettori, Buenos Aires
    M. Romano, Mexico
    B.L. Spangelo, Las Vegas, Nev.
    E.M. Sternberg, Rockville, Md.
    R.H. Straub, Regensburg
    J. Szelenyi, Budapest
    T. Tabira, Tokyo
    D.D. Taub, Baltimore, Md.
    A. Tzioufas, Athens
    A. Zapata, Madrid

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