The Neuro-Immune Endocrine Connection

The Neuro-Immune Endocrine ConnectionThe Neuro-Immune Endocrine Connection, published by Raven Press, is edited by Carl W. Cotman, Roberta E. Brinton, Albert Galaburda, Bruce Mcewen, and Diane M. Schneider.

This short ‘classic’ book in the field presents the proceedings of a neuroimmunology meeting that took place at Rockefeller University Based held Apr. 15-16, 1985 in New York City and sponsored by the Institute for Child Development Research.

This reference contains eight chapters that review different aspects of the interface between the central nervous and endocrine systems and the immune function. The books targets the multidisciplinary research audience and community.

The first six chapters represent overviews of the autonomic, endocrine and immune systems, covering issues such as peptides, insulin, and the steroids, along with the influence of neuropeptides and hormones on immunity.

The last two chapters deal with some immunological aspects of brain plasticity after injury and discuss some examples of neurobehavioral syndromes.

Taken as a whole, the contents of the book include discussions on: an overview of the immune system, neural basis for CNS regulation of the immune system, the innervation of the immune system tissues and organs, common origins of cellular communication in the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems, thymosin modulation of the immune system, influences of hormones and neuroactive substances on immune function, plasticity of brain after injury, and clinical studies of developmental and acquired neurobehavioral disorder and their possible immunological bases.

Hardcover: 150 pages; Publisher: Raven Press (April 1, 1987)

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