Neural Modulation of Immunity

Book review

by Vincent Geenen, MD, PhD, University of Liege, Belgium

Neural Modulation of ImmunityNeural Modulation of Immunity was published in 1985 by Raven Press and was edited by Roger Guillemin, Melvin Cohn, and Theodore Melnechuk.

This book presents the proceedings and active discussions of an international symposium held in Brussels (Belgium) under the auspices of the Princess Liliane Cardiology Foundation, October 27 and 28, 1983.

After a general Introduction to immunology by Melvin Cohn, it contains 14 chapters that were written by pioneers in this new field of close interactions between the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems.

The first three chapters are devoted to the state of knowledge in psychoneuroimmunology at that time (Robert Ader, Marvin Stein, and Jan E.W. Palmblad).

The anatomical and chemical relationships are discussed in the six next chapters written by prominent experts in this field like Peter O. Behan and Norman Geshwind (Hemispheric laterality and immunity), the late Gérard Renoux, Tomas L. Roszman, Karen Bulloch (Neuroanatomy of lymphoid tissue), Nicholas R. Hall and Allan Goldstein (Neurotransmitters and host defense), and the late Joseph Wybran (Enkephalins, endorphins, substance P and the immune system).

Two chapters are devoted to immunological-neuroendocrine feedback circuits (Hugo Besedovsky, Adriana del Rey and Ernst Sorkin), and to the effects of thymic hormone on the brain and neuroendocrine circuits (Nicholas R. Hall, Joseph P. McGillis, Bryan L. Spangelo, David L. Healy, George P. Chrousos and Allan L. Goldstein).

Conceptual perspectives were addressed in the last three chapters: Properties of the specific immune system in relation to its possible regulation by the central nervous system (Hans Wigzell); Immunoregulatory and morphostatic function of bone marrow-derived factors (Walter Pierpaoli); and Microenvironmental factors in phenotypic expression by enteric neurons: Parallels to lymphocytes (Michael D. Gershon).

I was a young physician-scientist and I did not have the chance to attend this symposium, which has paved with others the fruitful way for the current success of a completely novel type of research field. Nevertheless, my Mentor, the late Paul Franchimont, gave me these proceedings together with those words: “Dear Vincent, this the way for your future research!”

Hardcover: 252 pages; Raven Press (1985) – ISBN0-88167-049-9

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