The Sixteen Most-Read Articles on BrainImmune during September 2017

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Walter Cannon: Homeostasis, the Fight-or-Flight Response, the Sympathoadrenal System, and the Wisdom of the Body

By David Goldstein

Bartolomeo Eustachius and the Discovery of Adrenal Glands

By Rita Businaro and Angela Tagliani

The Discovery of Adrenaline

By Ashley Grossman and David Jessop

Thyroid Hormone Modulation of Immune Responses in Physiologic and Stressful Conditions: Implications for Thyroid Diseases

By Graciela Cremaschi and Ana Maria Genaro

Claude Bernard, the Father of Modern Physiology and Experimental Medicine

By Vincent Geenen

Innervation of the Human Thymus and Spleen – an Overview

By Valsamo Anagnostou, Ipatia Doussis-Anagnostopoulou, Dina Tiniakos and Christos Kittas

Sex Hormones and Immunoregulation

By Marijke Faas, Paul de Vos and Barbro Melgert

The Discovery of Interferon, the First Cytokine, by Alick Isaacs and Jean Lindenmann in 1957

By Derek Burke

Hans Selye and the Birth of the Stress Concept

By Istvan Berczi

Experimental Study Shows Link between Cerebrospinal Fluid IL-6 and Depressive Symptoms in Humans

Most Read IL-6By Harald Engler and Manfred Schedlowski

Perispinal Delivery of CNS Drugs: From Corning to Perispinal Etanercept

By Edward Tobinick

The Th17–IL-17–IL-17R System Linked To Altered Brain Development and Autism-Like Symptoms in Mice

By Gabriel Bassi and Ilia Elenkov

Endogenous Catecholamines in Immune Cells: Discovery, Functions And Clinical Potential as Therapeutic Targets

By Marco Cosentino, Franca Marino and Natasa Kustrimovic

The Discovery of the Brain Lymphatic System

By Gabriel Bassi

Philip Hench – Cortisone and Rheumatoid Arthritis, 1948

By Dimana Broadway and Ronald Wilder

Sex Steroids Hormones and Autoimmune Disease Activity

By Antonio Martocchia, Silvia Raja, Manuela Stefanelli, Anna Cocca and Paolo Falaschi