An Introduction to Stress and Health

Introduction Stress HealthThe Introduction to Stress and Health is published by SAGE Publications and authored by Hymie Anisman, Professor in the department of Neuroscience, Carleton University, Canada, and a distinguished Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience.

This is the first textbook to fuse the psychosocial with newer behavioral neuroscience perspectives. It provides a broad perspective of the multiple biological processes influenced by stressful events and the pathological conditions that can emerge as a result of stressful events.

The author of this book reviews the key research over the past 30 years and presents his insights in a lively, interesting pedagogical fashion to allow you to fully appreciate the diversity of the field of stress and its impact on our health.

Key features include: A consideration of the value of numerous therapeutic strategies to diminish distress and stress-related pathologies; and an exploration of many new conceptual perspectives relevant to stress processes and pathology.

An Introduction to Stress and Health is an indispensable text for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in health psychology, stress, health and illness.


This is a highly entertaining book about a very serious topic. Beautifully written, funny and organized in a way that students and the general public will understand complex notions about stress. –Sonia Lupien

This book provides a remarkably comprehensive, authoritative, informative and thoughtful overview of the subject of stress. It is scientifically sound and accurate, yet full of humor, stories and anecdotes, which exemplify, clarify and simplify complex concepts and information…. –Raz Yirmiya, Ph.D “The Hebrew University of Jerusalem”

This is an easy-to-read, accessible book. I would have no hesitation in recommending this book as a supporting text for any introductory health psychology course, or indeed, to anyone who wants an easy-to-read introductory text about stress and health. ………..I think that this book would be good for first year undergraduate students too as an introductory text to the topic area. –Julie Udell, Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth.

Hardcover: 496 pages; Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd; 1 edition (February 4, 2014)

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