Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology: Neurotransmitter Systems 3rd Edition

Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular NeurobiologyA classic book about several basic concepts and the latest developments in the field of neurochemistry and neuroscience.

The Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology is the result of a collaborative work of numerous established experts worldwide.

The volume covers several research areas such as in vivo imaging of neurotransmitter systems, molecular genetics of the noradrenergic neurotransmission, non-synaptic release of neurotransmitters, ATP-signaling in the peripheral nervous system and many others.

EDITORS: Abel Lajtha and E. Sylvester Vizi.

465 pages; Publisher: Springer; 3rd edition (April 15, 2008).


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