BrainImmune is the only web resource that delivers up to date information into the broad interdisciplinary area of neuroendocrine-immunology or the brain- and stress-immune interactions, and their impact on health and disease.

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Our mission is to help boost and expedite the advancement of neuroendocrine-immunology research – a new field in medical science that has great potential and significance.

We believe that online the “information wants to be free“, i.e., everyone should be able to access information freely. Information should not be limited or restricted by subscriptions and/or submission fees. And, as defined in this Native American saying: “The greatest gift is the gift of learning”. And that “that gift is not complete until it is passed on” (cf. Gerry Spence).


Many scientific journals and magazines, and their publishers are charging between $20 – $50 for a single article’s PDF. Also, certain ‘Open Access’ journals are charging submission fees of 1-2 or more thousand dollars or Euros, for a single article!

From our beginning, we haven’t put-up a paywall of subscriptions and/or submission fees.

We are not salespeople. We do not sell drugs. We are scientists representing an international research network and community. We do offer, deliver, however, new evolving concepts in a rapidly growing new interdisciplinary medical research field.

The production of BrainImmune takes a great deal of time, money and hard work. In the rapidly growing online publishing world, funds are limited, thus, we increasingly need our readers support.


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Ilia Elenkov, MD, PhD
Editor, BrainImmune