BrainImmune book reviews and info related to fundamental and/or clinical immunology

Immunoendocrinology: Scientific and Clinical Aspects

Immunoendocrinology: Scientific and Clinical Aspects is published by Humana Press and edited by George S. Eisenbarth. The book is focused on autoimmune disorders, and particularly, endocrine autoimmune diseases. With the exception of celiac disease, the environmental factors that contribute to the onset, development and the marked increase in many of these disorders remain poorly understood. […]

Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space

The book ‘Stress Challenges and Immunity in Space: From Mechanisms to Monitoring and Preventive Strategies’, published by Springer is authored by Alexander Chouker, from the Department of Anesthesiology, ‘Stress and Immunity’ laboratory, University of Munich, Munich, Germany. During space flight, human physiology and health are challenged by complex environmental stressors, exerting potent effects on the […]

Seasonal Patterns of Stress, Immune Function, and Disease

The book Seasonal Patterns of Stress, Immune Function, and Disease is co-authored by Randy J. Nelson, Ohio State University, Gregory E. Demas, Indiana University, Sabra L. Klein, The Johns Hopkins University and Lance J. Kriegsfeld, Columbia University, New York. The book summarizes evidence about the seasonal variation in immunity and disease occurrence, and the interactions […]

Cytokines: Stress and Immunity, 2nd Edition

Homeostasis within the immune system is largely dependent on cytokines, the chemical messengers between immune cells. These diverse groups of proteins may be regarded as hormones of the immune system that play crucial roles in regulating immune and inflammatory responses. Pro-inflammatory cytokines, released during an immune response and inflammation activate the central components of the […]

Neurobiology of Cytokines – Part A and B

The term ‘cytokine’ originates from the combination of the Greek ‘cyto’, meaning cell, and ‘kinos’ meaning movement. Cytokines are proteins that aid cell to cell communication, typically in immune responses, exerting important regulatory functions in both innate and adaptive immune responses, and the traffic of immune cells towards sites of inflammation, infection and trauma. The […]